Dangerous Pursuits
by Jo Bannister

When Gabriel Ash comes across a terrified young woman fleeing a brutal attacker, he and Hazel Best are drawn into a complex and baffling investigation.

Rachel Somers, running . . . Something appalling happened in the wood. When Gabriel Ash and his dog come to her aid, she thinks she’s safe. But this is Norbold, where things aren’t always as they seem.

Detective Chief Inspector Gorman thinks this is his worst nightmare: a predatory paedophile who’s prepared to kill rather than be taken. Constable Hazel Best thinks she’s helping both the Somers family and her friend Ash, but her tendency to follow her heart rather than her orders is about to get her into trouble again. And the people of Norbold have noticed that descriptions of the attacker, sketchy as they are, fit Ash better than they fit anyone else.

With panic stalking the town, DCI Gorman needs to make an arrest before more young girls are attacked, before someone else dies, before the vigilantes who burned Ash’s shop decide to burn him too. But the parameters keep shifting, and almost none of the facts he’s relying on will turn out to be true. The solution to the mystery is more shocking, and more tragic, than even these three could have imagined.


Bannister’s latest in this popular series is one of her best. Strong characters, well-set-up twists, gentle humor, and a shock ending make for a fine read


Enjoyable … The gradual change in the rapport between Gabriel and Hazel will please series fans. Newcomers will be likewise enchanted by this distinctive pair

Publishers Weekly

Fine, no-frills detective work that repeatedly throws disturbing new lights on every member of its limited cast

Kirkus Reviews

Offbeat, clever, and skillfully written ... Memorable characters, gentle humor, a twisty plot - and chocolates

Booklist on Silent Footsteps

Diverting ... Fans of offbeat police procedurals will be rewarded

Publishers Weekly on Silent Footsteps

Bannister's cleverly plotted, gripping story offers an effective combination of straightforward police procedural and suspense thriller

Booklist on Kindred Spirits

What continues to shine in this series is the warts-and-all friendship that makes Bannister's hero and heroine such an unlikely team

Kirkus Reviews on Kindred Spirits

A cracking-good read. Whether you're a fan of the series or a newcomer, you'll be hooked from the get-go

Booklist on Other Countries

Jo Bannister

Jo Bannister is a former journalist and author of more than thirty novels, including six previous Hazel Best & Gabriel Ash mysteries. She lives in Northern Ireland.

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