Dark Queen Rising
by Paul Doherty

1471. The Wars of the Roses. Edward of York has claimed the throne, and Margaret Beaufort, mother to Henry Tudor, the last hope of the House of Lancaster, is in grave danger. When four bodies are discovered in a London tavern, and suspicion falls on Margaret herself, it’s up to her sharp-witted clerk, Ulswicke, to prove her innocence.


Dark Queen Rising by Paul Doherty is available in the following formats

Hardback97817802910791st October 2018145 X 223mm224$28.99
Hardback978178029107929th June 2018145 X 223mm224£20.99
Ebook97817801098551st October 2018N/A224$25.99
Ebook97817801098551st October 2018N/A224£18.99
Hardback - Large Print978072782956630th April 2019143 X 223mm320$36.95
Hardback - Large Print978072782956628th February 2019143 X 223mm320£22.99
Paperback97817802958791st September 2019135 X 212mm224$17.95
Paperback978178029587928th June 2019135 X 212mm224£12.99
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Paul Doherty

Paul Doherty has written over 100 books and was awarded the Herodotus Award, for lifelong achievement for excellence in the writing of historical mysteries by the Historical Mystery Appreciation Society. His books have been translated into more than twenty languages and include the historical mysteries of Brother Athelstan and Hugh Corbett.

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