Death and the Singing Birds
by Amy Myers

A summer festival ends in disaster for chef sleuth Nell Drury in this gripping historical mystery full of dark secrets, disturbing discoveries and page-turning twists.

1926, Kent. Chef Nell Drury is busy with preparations for Lady Ansley’s luncheon to welcome Wychbourne Court’s new neighbours, Sir Gilbert and Lady Saddler. The couple’s arrival has led to much rumour and intrigue swirling around the village, particularly with regards to the mysterious Lady Saddler.

Sir Gilbert belongs to a new artistic movement, the Artistes de Cler, and is organizing a summer festival in the grounds of Spitalfrith Manor, where the Clerries will gather to reveal their Africa-inspired paintings. The whole village is invited and buzzing with excitement. But at the festival itself, Nell witnesses some strange and disturbing events, and when a terrible discovery is made the following day, she is horrified to learn that Lord Ansley’s valet has been arrested. Can Nell clear his name while also confronting a face from the past?


The novel's evocative post-WWI English setting intertwines with vividly portrayed characters and engaging plot twists in this satisfying historical cozy


A golden-age pastiche with a touch of pathos, a troubled romance, and believable characters

Kirkus Reviews

Myers does a good job presenting the prevailing social mores and creating convincing characters

Publishers Weekly

Buoyantly amusing . . . Historical fans will be pleased

Publishers Weekly on Death at the Wychbourne Follies

Myers has discovered a no-fail recipe for suspense as she dishes up another delectable cuisine-centric caper

Booklist on Death at the Wychbourne Follies

Winning series launch . . . jolly entertainment

Publishers Weekly on Dancing with Death

Plenty of suspects and a surprise ending

Kirkus Reviews on Dancing with Death

Amy Myers

Amy Myers has written a wide range of novels, from crime to historical sagas to contemporary romance. She is also well known for her mystery short stories that have been published in Ellery Queen Mystery Magazine and many anthologies.Her traditional and cozy mystery series include the Jack Colby, car detective mysteries, co-written with her husband, American-born car buff James Myers; the Auguste Didier series; the Tom Wasp, Victorian chimney sweep novels; the Marsh and Daughter mysteries; and the Nell Drury mysteries.

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