Death at the Wychbourne Follies
by Amy Myers

Simmering tensions, buried memories and old scores are revived at Wychbourne Court when Lady Ansley’s old theatre group reunite to perform the Wychbourne Follies.

1926, Kent. Lady Ansley’s old Gaiety Theatre group are reuniting at Wychbourne Court for the weekend. But how will they react when they learn that, thanks to her son Richard, the Follies, which began as a jolly idea for their own amusement, has become a fully-fledged performance to be held in the village at the Coach and Horses Inn?

Chef Nell Drury is sure her guests’ reaction isn’t the only thing worrying Lady Ansley. A fascinating group of actors and actresses – from the pompous Hubert Jarrett to the dashing Neville Heydock, it’s not long before simmering tensions, revived old scores, fears and, worst of all, buried memories take centre stage. What happened to Mary Ann Darling, the young Gaiety actress who disappeared thirty years ago? As the performance draws to a close, the real drama is only just beginning…


Plenty of period detail and shoals of red herrings keep the story moving as the clever heroine seeks answers and a better relationship with the handsome inspector

Kirkus Reviews

Buoyantly amusing … Myers balances the fun with acute observations on the aftereffects of WWI. Historical fans will be pleased

Publishers Weekly

Myers has discovered a no-fail recipe for suspense as she dishes up another delectable cuisine-centric caper


Amy Myers

Amy Myers has written a wide range of novels and is also well known for her mystery short stories that have been published in Ellery Queen Mystery Magazine and many anthologies. She is married to the American-born car buff James Myers, and is the author of the acclaimed Jack Colby classic car mystery series.

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