Frozen Charlotte
by Priscilla Masters

Set in the medieval town of Shrewsbury, this is the third in the compelling Martha Gunn forensic mystery series

When a woman arrives in A&E clutching a child in a pink blanket, Martha Gunn is not quite ready to make the discovery that the evening has in store for her. The baby is dead, and not only that, it has been mummified. Post mortem reveals the child to be a new born, deceased for over five years and, despite the mysterious woman’s protestations that it is callled ‘Poppy’ most certainly a boy.

As always coroner Martha Gunn reserves judgement until she is able to get to the bottom of the case.


Clues, lined up like golden crumbs, lure the reader to a surprising conclusion.

Publishers Weekly

Plot twists, procedural details concerning the work of both the police and the coroner, and the protagonists’ personal lives are interwoven throughout a compelling, sad story.


Priscilla Masters

Priscilla Masters is the author of the successful ‘Martha Gunn’ series, as well as the ‘Joanna Piercy’ novels and a series of medical mysteries featuring Dr Claire Roget. She lives near the Shropshire/Staffordshire border.

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