Gift Wrapped
by Peter Turnbull

Four anonymous postcards are sent, each with the word ‘murder’ scribbled in a foreign language and a map reference. DCI Hennessey and his team visit the sinister location and make a chilling discovery: the body of a professional man who had been reported missing ten years earlier. Who sent the postcards, and why so long after the crime?


Gift Wrapped by Peter Turnbull is available in the following formats

Ebook97817801040891st July 2013N/A192$14.99
Ebook97817801040891st July 2013N/A192£11.99
Hardback - Large Print97807278953941st June 2017144 X 224mm304$36.95
Hardback - Large Print978072789539430th March 2017144 X 224mm304£23.99
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Peter Turnbull

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