Green and Pleasant Land
by Judith Cutler

Retired police detective Fran Harman discovers that someone doesn’t like her digging up the past when she re-opens a 20-year-old cold case.

Newly-retired, ex-Chief Superintendent Fran Harman and her partner Mark have volunteered to assist West Mercia police in reinvestigating an unsolved crime. Twenty years ago, a car was found abandoned on an isolated road running through the Wyre Forest, its hazard lights still flashing, the passenger door open. In the back, were two child seats. One was empty; in the other lay a desperately ill baby. Neither the baby’s mother nor the elder child was ever seen again.

Where had Natalie Foreman been and where was she heading? As they question those who knew the missing woman, Fran and Mark uncover worrying discrepancies and mistaken assumptions underlying the original police investigation. In their new role as civilians in a police world, they find themselves encountering hostility and resentment from some of those they question – and it’s clear that more than one key witness is not telling them the whole truth.


“Another solid British police procedural notable for the unspoken understanding and banter between the two principals as they play to each other’s strengths. It’s a pleasure to see vibrant retirees in starring roles.”


“The surprising conclusion definitely satisfies”

Publishers Weekly

Judith Cutler

A former secretary of the Crime Writers’ Association, Judith Cutler has taught Creative Writing at universities and colleges for over thirty years and has run occasional courses elsewhere (from a maximum-security prison to an idyllic Greek island). She is the author of more than forty novels.

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Hardback978072788465731st December 2014142 X 222mm224£21.99
Hardback978072788465731st December 2014142 X 222mm224£21.99
Ebook97817801061681st April 2015N/A224$6.99
Ebook97817801061681st April 2015N/A224£4.99
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Paperback978184751568130th June 2015140 X 215mm224£13.99
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