If Anything Should Happen
by Bonnie Hearn Hill

Introducing radio talkshow host and amateur sleuth Kit Doyle in the first of this thoroughly entertaining mystery series.

When Kit Doyle’s near-perfect mother tells her about the letter she’s written and locked away – a letter to be read only ‘if anything should happen’ to her – Kit thinks she’s being melodramatic. But the next day Kit’s mother is dead – and what she reads in that letter will change Kit’s life forever.

Armed with nothing but the secret letter, a tight-lipped father, and some good friends at the radio station where she works, Kit sets out to learn the truth about the shady past her mother has kept hidden for so many years.

But when a dead body turns up, Kit realizes that at least one person is determined to stop her finding out the truth – whatever it takes.


An intriguing premise and promising plot

Library Journal

This first in a series combines an engaging mystery with some of the appeal of women’s fiction


Bonnie Hearn Hill

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Ebook97817801069391st November 2015N/A192$10.99
Ebook97817801069391st November 2015N/A192£8.99
Paperback978184751634329th April 2016139 X 216mm192£12.99
Paperback978184751634329th April 2016139 X 216mm192£13.99
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