Last Nocturne
by M.J. Trow

Private detectives Grand & Batchelor’s latest case draws them into the arcane world of high art and high society in this compelling Victorian mystery.

London. May, 1878. Private enquiry agents Matthew Grand and James Batchelor have been hired by the artist James Whistler to dig into the past of outspoken critic John Ruskin, with whom he has an ongoing feud. Not particularly optimistic of success, the two detectives are sidetracked from the investigation by the murder of a prostitute in nearby Cremorne Gardens. Her body posed on a park bench, a book on birth control sitting on her lap, Clara Jenkins is not the first young woman to have met a similarly grisly fate – and she won’t be the last.

Could there be a connection between the Cremorne killer and their art world case? With the investigation heading nowhere fast, Grand comes up with a decidedly unorthodox plan to ensnare the killer. But even the best-laid plans have a nasty habit of going catastrophically awry …


Grand and Batchelor’s engaging, yin-and-yang partnership …combines with the book’s lickety-split plot and plenty of gentle humor to deliver a treat for historical-mystery readers


A gripping story packed with a palpable sense of danger, and a shocker of an ending, make for absorbing reading

Booklist on The Black Hills

Provides juicy portraits of several historic figures

Kirkus Reviews on The Black Hills

An engaging style and a gripping plot ... a sure bet for historical-mystery fans

Booklist on The Ring

A shrewdly layered puzzle

Kirkus Reviews on The Ring

The complex plot is gripping and more than a little chilling - though with agreeable flashes of subtle humor. Trow ... knows to mix period details and distinctive characters in just the right proportions

Booklist on The Island

A witty and clever tale

Kirkus Reviews on The Island

M.J. Trow

M.J. Trow is a military historian by training and the author of the longrunning Inspector Lestrade and ‘Mad Max’ Maxwell detective series, as well as the Kit Marlowe Tudor mysteries, the Grand & Batchelor Victorian mysteries and the Margaret Murray series. He lives in the Isle of Wight.

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