Lock 13
by Peter Helton

Bath, England. When his life drawing model disappears without trace, painter-sleuth Chris Honeysett uncovers evidence of a dangerous conspiracy.

Henry Blinkhorn drowned when his boat capsized in the Severn estuary. So how come his photograph appears on the front cover of The Angler six years later? The insurers who paid out a small fortune on his death have asked private investigator Chris Honeysett to track down the elusive Mr Blinkhorn and prove he’s still alive.

But Honeysett is side-tracked from the investigation by the sudden disappearance of his life drawing model, Verity Lake. Commandeering a narrowboat and heading down the Kennet & Avon canal, he hopes to kill two birds with one stone, by tracking down Henry Blinkhorn and also discovering what’s happened to Verity. But it soon becomes clear that someone else is on Honeysett’s trail. Who are they … and what are they really after?


Lock 13 by Peter Helton is available in the following formats

Hardback97807278876651st April 2018144 X 224mm224$28.99
Hardback978072788766529th December 2017144 X 224mm224£20.99
Ebook97817801094351st April 2018N/A208$10.99
Ebook97817801094351st April 2018N/A208£8.99
Hardback - Large Print978072782901631st October 2018140 X 225mm336$36.95
Hardback - Large Print978072782901631st August 2018140 X 225mm336£22.99
Paperback97818475188111st April 2019139 X 216mm224$18.99
Paperback978184751881131st January 2019139 X 216mm224£12.99
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Peter Helton

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