Multiple Exposure
by Ellen Crosby

Russian mafia, illicit oil deals and murder: Photojournalist Sophie Medina is on the case

These are the things Sophie Medina will swear to be true about her husband, oil executive and covert CIA operative Nick: He is an honorable, trustworthy, and loyal friend; an American patriot who would die for his country; and a loving husband.

He is also – according to his MI6 handler – a murderer. They say the wife is always the last to know.

Renowned photojournalist Sophie is used to Nick keeping secrets from her. But when Nick is kidnapped from their London home, only to be spotted in Russia months later, his bosses are convinced he’s turned traitor. Russian-born Nick is not the only thing that’s vanished – so have top-secret papers about an oil discovery that could destabilize the market and spark war.

Sophie trusts Nick, but when she moves back to her hometown of Washington, DC, she’s not so sure about his CIA colleagues. Struggling to tell friend from foe, Sophie’s drawn deeper into Nick’s shadowy world, where Russian mafia rub shoulders with American senators . . . and where death lurks, around every corner.

Multiple Exposure, the first mystery featuring photojournalist and female sleuth Sophie Medina, is a gripping blend of international mystery and espionage thriller.


“[An] assured tale of love, loss, and secret agendas, the first in a new series. Crosby offers a complex portrait of our nation's capital, with its historic beauty and roiling underbelly of deceit and danger”

Publishers Weekly

“A solid thriller”


“Crosby’s thriller gets the pacing right”

Mystery Scene Magazine

“Keeps you absolutely intrigued, ready for the gut punch . . . You're going to enjoy this one”

NYT bestselling author Steve Berry

Ellen Crosby

Ellen Crosby is a former reporter for the Washington Post, foreign correspondent for ABC News Radio and economist at the U.S. Senate. She has spent many years overseas in Europe, but now lives in Virginia with her husband. She is the author of the Wine Country mysteries and the Sophie Medina mysteries.

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