Nothing But Lies
by Lyndon Stacey

Daniel’s ex-colleague, police officer Joey Matsuki, has asked for his help. Joey is concerned for the safety of his fiancée, Tami, who has reported sightings of a sinister, hoodie-clad figure lurking in the area. Joey fears the involvement of a notorious local criminal recently released from prison. But with nothing concrete to go on and police resources scarce, he’s asked Daniel to keep an eye on Tami on his behalf.

Working undercover as Tami’s temporary horsebox driver, Daniel soon begins to believe there may be more to the situation than meets the eye. As he questions Tami’s friends and neighbours, it becomes clear that something is not quite right. There are things people aren’t telling him; small but significant incidents that can’t be explained.

Events take a tragic turn when there is a fatal hit-and-run incident. But was it really an accident – and could Tami herself have been the intended target?


Daniel and Taz work as a perfect team in pursuit of the killer, and their warm relationship helps make this a feel-good book despite the mayhem

Publishers Weekly

Stacey seems ready to merge his dog and horse franchises in a pleasing puzzler. Will Shinju and Yasu join in, as rivals to Midnight Louie and Joe Grey?

Kirkus Reviews

Lyndon Stacey

Lyndon Stacey is a writer and animal portrait artist by trade and lives near Stonehenge in the South-West of England. She is the author of a number of standalone equine mysteries, as well as two series featuring animal behaviourist Gideon Blake and ex-police dog handler Daniel Whelan.

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