Playing with Fire
by Gerald Elias

The latest Daniel Jacobus mystery holds a mirror to the glittery façade of the concert world, delving into the multimillion-dollar sleight-of-hand of violin dealing . . .

When an anxious phone call from obscure violinmaker Amadeo Borlotti disturbs Daniel Jacobus’s Christmas Eve festivities, he and his dear friends Nathaniel and Yumi make light of it. A seemingly humble practitioner of his craft, Borlotti preferred the quiet life in the country away from the limelight. He even found love at an advanced age.

But his larceny, which began as a typographical error in a bill for a violin repair, grew incessantly. In the end he became a helpless captive of his past indiscretions and was consumed by it, and it is up to Jacobus and his team to find out how, and why.


“Jacobus indulges his inner Sherlock in a low-key tale that examines music as metaphor, provides insights into the creation of world-class violins, and exposes how some people can turn arson and insurance fraud into lucrative careers”

Publishers Weekly

“Elias, a professional violinist and conductor, keeps us guessing until the book’s final pages. This is the fifth outing for Jacobus in what has become a consistently entertaining series. Keep ’em coming”


“Readers will enjoy a most unseasonal fable of the little insurance fraud that grew and grew. Merry Christmas”

Kirkus Reviews

Gerald Elias

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