Prisoner of Midnight
by Barbara Hambly

Vampire Don Simon Ysido has been captured and held aboard a ship heading to the US to act as a slave, and Dr Lydia Asher must stop it . . . at any cost.

March, 1917. The goal of every government involved in the Great War has been achieved: industrialist Spenser Cochran has drugged and enslaved a vampire, Don Simon Ysidro, to do his bidding, and is now on the way to the US aboard a luxury ship.

Horrified, Dr Lydia Asher secures her passage on the vessel to rescue her friend from Cochran’s chemical thrall. Meanwhile, her husband makes a dangerous alliance with the vampires of Paris to send Lydia the information she needs about the drug.

As they cross the Atlantic evidence mounts that another vampire is hiding aboard the ship, indiscriminately murdering passengers. Lydia knows she must solve both cases before the ship docks, and that breaking Cochran’s hold on Don Simon will not be enough . . . She must kill him.


Darkly witty … a lively international travel mystery with outcomes that modern readers will find morally satisfying ... Fans of Lydia and Don Simon will love the focus on their connection

Publishers Weekly

Hambly’s exceptional knowledge of history and her deft touch at imbuing emotion into her characters are evident in her latest, and the mix of vampire horror and historical mystery—with an extraordinary attention to detail—will make this another fan favorite


Deeply satisfying ... compelling and atmo­spheric, with subtle and nuanced characterisation

Locus Magazine

Hambly continues to mix vampire fiction and historical mystery in a way that will delight her fans

Booklist on Darkness on his Bones

Barbara Hambly

Barbara Hambly, though a native of Southern California, lived in New Orleans for many years while married to the late science fiction writer George Alec Effinger. Hambly holds a degree in medieval history from the University of California and has written novels in numerous genres.

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