Ran Away
by Barbara Hambly


So began a score of advertisements every week in the New Orleans newspapers, advertising for slaves who’d fled their masters.

But the Turk, Hüseyin Pasha, posted no such advertisement when his two lovely concubines disappeared. And when a witness proclaimed that he’d seen the “devilish Infidel” hurl the two girls’ dead bodies from his attic window on Bourbon Street, everyone in New Orleans “knew” of the proverbial jealousy of Turks and was willing to believe him the murderer.

Only Benjamin January, driven by memories of his first meeting with the Turk in Paris ten years before, is willing to brave public outrage and mob violence to seek for the true culprit.

The quest takes him back to memories of tragedy, and, in pursuing them, he finds himself the target of accusations which endanger his family, his freedom . . . and his life.


The touching portrait of January’s love for his two very different wives as well as the incredible period detail and rich atmosphere make this stand out among historical mysteries. Suggest it to readers who also enjoy Jason Goodwin’s Investigator Yashim series.

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Publishers Weekly Starred Review

Barbara Hambly

Barbara Hambly, though a native of Southern California, lived in New Orleans for many years while married to the late science fiction writer George Alec Effinger. Hambly holds a degree in medieval history from the University of California and has written novels in numerous genres.

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