Shadows of the Dead
by Jim Eldridge

DCI Paul Stark discovers that the bitter legacy of WWI casts a long shadow in the second of this intriguing historical mystery series.

London, 1921. Lord Johnny Fairfax has been found dead in his study, along with a second victim, a mysterious American who arrived unannounced the previous evening. For DCI Paul Stark, the case is personal: he’s in a relationship with Lord Fairfax’s former wife, Lady Amelia.

The dead man had no shortage of enemies. Winston Churchill, his former colleague at the War Office, is convinced the murder is revenge for the disaster at Gallipoli. Lady Amelia herself is accused of the crime. And who was the American visitor? What was his connection with Lord Fairfax – and could he have been the real target?

As Stark digs deeper, he uncovers evidence of a shocking conspiracy that strikes at the heart of the British Establishment


Colorful characters, crisp prose, and interesting nuggets of history

Kirkus Reviews

A solidly written mystery whose elements of romance and politics make it more than just another early twentieth-century British mystery


Jim Eldridge

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