The Murals
by William Bayer

In this multi-layered psychological mystery, photographer Jason Poe is transfixed by a disturbing set of murals he encounters in the attic of an abandoned house, and resolves to uncover the secret behind them.

“The murals hit me hard. First came terror, then awe. It was only after I’d taken them in that I began to feel their immense power.”

Jason Poe, a former war photographer, has been breaking into abandoned houses for an art project to document what previous tenants have left behind. One night he finds more than expected when he ascends to an attic and is confronted by a haunting set of murals.

The murals cover all four walls of the cramped space and hypnotise Jason. Convinced there’s an important story behind them, he embarks upon a quest to identify their creator and uncover their meaning. To do so Jason recruits several friends, including Joan Nguyen, a reporter for Calista Times-Dispatch. As the team delve deeper they uncover a mystery involving accusations of satanism, police corruption, a scandal involving a wealthy Calista family, a series of contemporary arson attacks . . . and an enigmatic patient in a Swiss psychiatric clinic.


Bayer has a gift for creating people who feel completely real … a solid thriller that will hold readers' interest


In this clever psychological thriller, Bayer chillingly and skillfully depicts the divide between good and evil. Suggest to Thomas Harris and Michael Connelly devotees

Library Journal Starred Review of The Luzern Photograph

Bayer keeps the suspense high as he artfully toggles among story lines and thoughtfully develops his characters

Publishers Weekly on The Luzern Photograph

Nazis, sadomasochism, and psychoanalysis always provide a heady mix, and a little murder thrown in pushes Bayer's latest into the radioactive zone

Kirkus Reviews on The Luzern Photograph

A classy and compelling psychoerotic suspense tale

Publishers Weekly on The Dream of the Broken Horses

William Bayer

WILLIAM BAYER is the author of twenty-one book, nineteen of which are novels. Fourteen of his novels are now available in ebook and audiobook editions. His books have been published in fourteen foreign languages. Two of his novels, Switch and Pattern Crimes, were New York Times best sellers.Bill was born in Cleveland, Ohio, son of an attorney-father and screenwriter-mother. He was educated at Exeter and Harvard where he majored in art history.

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