The Sacred Cut
by David Hewson

A horrific murder pitches Nic Costa and his team into a collision with US agents – and a secret that has festered for fifteen years.

For the first time in decades The Eternal City is paralysed by a blizzard. And a gruesome discovery is made in the Pantheon – one of Rome’s most ancient and revered architectural treasures.

Covered by softly falling snow is the body of a young woman – her back horribly mutilated … But before Costa, Peroni and Rome’s Questura can begin a formal investigation the US Embassy has brought in its own people, FBI Agents who want the case closed down as quickly and discreetly as possible.

But Costa is determined to find out why – and as the FBI grudgingly admits that this corpse is not the first, the mutilations of the woman’s body point to Leonardo Da Vinci’s Vitruvian Man – and to a conspiracy so sinister and buried so deep, that only two people know its true, crazed meaning.


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David Hewson

David Hewson is a former journalist with The Times, The Sunday Times and the Independent. He is the author of more than thirty novels, including his Rome-based Nic Costa series which has been published in fifteen languages, his Amsterdam-based series featuring detective Pieter Vos, and the brand-new Venetian mystery series. He has also written three acclaimed adaptations of the Danish TV series, The Killing. He lives near Canterbury in Kent. @david_hewson |

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