A Season for the Dead
by David Hewson

When a young woman turns up dead near the banks of the River Tiber, pathologist Teresa Lupo believes she has the victim of an ancient Roman ritual on her hands. She’s wrong. So begins an investigation that will take Nic Costa and his team deep into the dark underworld of modern-day Rome’s most disturbing and sinister secrets.


A Season for the Dead by David Hewson is available in the following formats

Paperback97818475193991st January 2019140 X 215mm484$17.95
Paperback978184751939931st October 2018140 X 215mm484£12.99
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David Hewson

David Hewson is a former journalist with The Times, Sunday Times and Independent. He is the author of more than twenty-five novels including his Rome-based Nic Costa series which has been published in fifteen languages. He has also written three acclaimed adaptations of the Danish TV series, The Killing.@david_hewson | davidhewson.com/blog/

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