by Karen E. Olson

With a price on her head, computer hacker Tina Adler is determined to stay offline. Only one person knows how to reach her – and he’s in as much danger as she is.

A chance discovery leads Tina to abandon her South Carolina hideaway in search of her old flame, undercover FBI Agent Zeke Chapman. What is Zeke doing in Paris, France? And what is his connection to the disappearance of American college student Ryan Whittier?

En route to Paris in search of answers, Tina realizes that someone is on her trail: someone who’s getting disturbingly close. Has she been set up…?


Vanished by Karen E. Olson is available in the following formats

Ebook97817801093121st February 2018N/A224$10.99
Ebook97817801093121st February 2018N/A224£8.99
Paperback97818475186821st July 2019140 X 215mm224$17.95
Paperback978184751868230th April 2019140 X 215mm224£13.99
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Karen E. Olson

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