by Karen E. Olson

Nicole Jones lives off the grid. She doesn’t have a driver’s license, passport, or even a bank account. She definitely doesn’t own a computer. Operating bike tours on Block Island, she hasn’t left her New England refuge in fifteen years. But it’s not that she’s afraid of the world. She’s afraid of what she could do to it if she ever plugged back in. Because Nicole Jones isn’t her real name. Still wanted by the FBI, she was once one of the best cyberthieves in the business.

When the last person Nicole wants to see suddenly appears on the island, using a name he knows will draw her out, Nicole realizes that no one can hide forever—not even her. As her secret past comes to light and her carefully-constructed life starts to unravel, Nicole’s long-time haven becomes a prison, and her only chance for survival is hacking her way out.


“Effective descriptive writing, coupled with the reflective protagonist, give this thriller a contemplative feel while not sacrificing suspense”


Olson provides thrills and spills

Kirkus Reviews

Hidden is a gem of a novel in which Olson?previously limited by the confines of the cozy genre emerges as a powerhouse thriller writer. Nuanced storytelling and characters that are both complex and compelling elevate this work, as do richly rendered atmospheric detail and a well-balanced techno savvy. Much like her resourceful protagonist, the author has proven herself a force to be reckoned with and this welcome reemergence will leave readers rejoicing.”


Karen E. Olson

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Hardback - Large Print978072789439731st May 2016145 X 223mm336£22.99
Paperback978184751636729th April 2016140 X 215mm224£12.99
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