by Patricia Twomey Ryan

When her fiancé is delayed in London, Emily Harrington sets off on their long-awaited vacation to the exclusive Caribbean resort of Island Bluffs on her own.

Fearing boredom, she is pleasantly surprised to discover that this romantic resort is filled with fascinating people: Roger Stirhew, a foremost travel writer, whose pernicious wit and words prove deadly; his disillusioned wife Jessica; Marietta St. John, an ageing society columnist; Nora, her devoted companion; Jon Peterson, an eager young restaurateur engaged to the lovely Sarah Maitland; and Annie and Martin Maitland, owners of Island Bluffs Hotel, whose lives are intertwined with those of their guests.

Emily soon finds herself witness to the secrets of her fellow vacationers and, as the days unfold, new relationships offer friendship and diversion. But, when Roger Stirhew is found dead on the ocean beach with a bullet through his heart, diversion soon turns deadly.


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Patricia Twomey Ryan

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