A Prisoner of Privilege
by Rosemary Rowe

The arrival of a high-ranking spy for the Emperor Severus spells trouble for Libertus in this gripping historical mystery set in 2nd century Britain.

On a misty day in February, CE 194, Libertus, pavement maker by trade and now reluctant councillor, is summoned to meet his patron at the local public baths. Marcus Septimus is concerned because a distant cousin from Rome has announced his impending arrival and Marcus is convinced he is a spy for the Emperor Severus, despatched to Glevum to investigate reports of an ‘act of treason.’

Meanwhile, Libertus has concerns of his own. The local money-lender has been seeking his counsel, but before they can meet, a violent and untimely death occurs … and before long Libertus finds himself a prisoner of his new-found rank, fighting for the truth amidst accusations of treason and murder


Rowe’s 18th series whodunit surpasses her own high standard … Rowe’s series remains a welcome complement to Ruth Downie’s Medicus mysteries, which provide a different perspective on Roman Britain

Publishers Weekly Starred Review

A gripping adventure … Meticulously researched historical details, well-drawn characters, and a clever plot that will keep even the most seasoned reader guessing


Rosemary Rowe

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