Dead to the World
by Susan Rogers Cooper

Is Carrie Marie Hutchins’ father really dead? E.J. Pugh is about to come face-to-face with some strange and spooky goings-on in a small Texas town.

E.J. has a surprise twentieth wedding anniversary present for Willis – a weekend away in the Texas hills. She’s found the perfect Bed and Breakfast – the Bishop’s Inn in the quaint town of Peaceful. Unfortunately, they’ve barely arrived before the inn’s troubled elderly owner, Carrie Marie Hutchins, confides in them about a harrowing event from her childhood involving her dead father . . . and his spirit, which won’t go away . . .

E.J. has little time to digest Carrie’s tales of strange goings-on: screaming, the guests’ suitcases slashed, underwear hanging from a light fixture, before a further bizarre twist occurs: Humphrey Hammerschultz and Diamond Lovesy, self-proclaimed ‘psychic detectives’, suddenly turn up at Carrie’s door. And when E.J. discovers a body, she determines to find out what’s really going on in this not-so-peaceful town.


Dead to the World by Susan Rogers Cooper is available in the following formats

Ebook97817801060761st March 2015N/A224$10.99
Ebook97817801060761st March 2015N/A224£8.99
Ebook97817801060761st March 2015N/A224$10.99
Paperback978184751559930th June 2015141 X 216mm224£12.99
Paperback978184751559930th June 2015141 X 216mm224£12.99
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Susan Rogers Cooper

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