Student Body
by Susan Rogers Cooper

Could Graham Pugh really be involved in a murder? E.J. Pugh finds herself back at her old university stomping ground, determined to prove her son is no killer . . .

Graham Pugh should be having a ball as a first-year student at the University of Texas in Austin. Unfortunately for him, his roommate, Bishop ‘Call Me Bish’ Alexander, is an arrogant asshole he can’t stand, to the point of dreaming of killing him in his sleep. Even more unfortunately for Graham, when he wakes up early one morning for a lecture, he finds that Bishop actually is dead on the floor.

With Graham the prime suspect, E.J., Willis and the girls race up to Austin immediately. Unsurprisingly, it just so happens that Bishop annoyed a lot of people on campus, not just Graham. But who killed him? E.J. is soon facing a desperate battle to prove her son’s innocence.


Those looking for a fast paced escape will be rewarded

Publishers Weekly

Humorous, fresh and full of eccentric characters, Cooper's latest entry in this popular series another winner


Susan Rogers Cooper

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