Gone in a Flash
by Susan Rogers Cooper

After almost ruining her marriage to husband Willis months earlier because of her habit of involving herself in murder cases, E.J. Pugh is determined to stay out of drama and pay attention only to her husband, children and writing career.

How hard can it be?

But through no fault of their own, E.J. and Willis are plunged into another crisis when someone chooses Willis’ truck to hide a satchel. Finding the satchel with no ID inside, their foster daughter Alicia decides to make it her new backpack. When Alicia suddenly disappears, along with the satchel, E.J. and Willis are beside themselves. Why is the satchel important and, more importantly, where is Alicia? Can they find answers before it’s too late?


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Hardback - Large Print978072789678027th February 2014147 X 222mm336£23.99
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Susan Rogers Cooper

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