by Graham Ison

On a hot Tuesday morning in June, Detective Chef Inspector Harry Brock is called to Richmond Park in south-west London, where the body of a young woman has been found, strangled and half-naked, in the Isabella Plantation. The killer fled the scene with nothing – except the victim’s bra.

The discovery of further bodies, all women in their twenties, and all with missing bras, suggests a serial killer is at loose. With the help of Detective Superintendent Dave Poole and the rest of his team, it’s not long before Harry uncovers a dark web of lies, betrayal, desire and deceit. But can he break the deadlock to catch a determined killer?


Ison is sure to please older readers with a taste for the quaint

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A realistic look at the challenges of modern-day policing, bolstered by sardonic British humor and a twisty plot.


Graham Ison

During Graham Ison’s thirty-year career in Scotland Yard’s Special Branch he was involved in several espionage cases. He also spent four years at 10 Downing Street as Protection Officer to two Prime Ministers. He is an honorary agent of the US Army Criminal Investigation Command.

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