Deadly Spirits
by Mary Miley

Medium’s assistant – and reluctant sleuth – Maddie Pastore is shocked when her long-lost sister is accused of murder, in this twisty, atmospheric mystery set in 1920s Chicago.

Summer, 1924. Young widow Maddie Pastore has been working for fraudulent spiritual medium Madame Carlotta for nearly a year – if ‘work’ you could call it. Investigating Carlotta’s clients, and attending seances as her shill, keeps Maddie and her young son Tommy fed and clothed, and she’s grown to love the kind, well-meaning spiritualist like family.

Still, Maddie – estranged from her abusive parents for over a decade – can’t help but wonder what fates befell her brothers and sisters. So when she lucks into two free tickets to a glamorous Chicago speakeasy and recognizes the star performer as her pretty little sister Sophie, she’s beyond delighted.

But before Maddie can meet with Sophie again, the telephone rings. It’s Sophie’s husband, calling in a panic to tell her that his wife is locked in the Cook County jail, charged with first-degree murder . . .

Enter a dark and deadly world of seances and speakeasies, populated by fake mediums, sultry singers and dangerous mobsters! An ideal pick for readers who enjoy glitzy Jazz Age mysteries with feisty female sleuths.


“This is a real treat for readers who love stories set in the Roaring ’20s”

Publishers Weekly Starred Review of Spirits and Smoke

“Fans of fast-paced historical mysteries will appreciate Miley’s latest”

Library Journal Starred Review of Spirits and Smoke

“All the colorful characters and historic details from the heroine’s debut”

Kirkus Reviews on Spirits and Smoke

“Skillfully combines the tantalizing atmosphere of a speakeasy- and mob-filled Chicago, historical figures, and an intriguing mystery”

Library Journal Starred Review of The Mystic’s Accomplice

“Appealing . . . This historical mystery series is off to a flying start”

Publishers Weekly on The Mystic's Accomplice

“Plentiful historical detail and a sparkling cast of characters”

Kirkus Reviews on The Mystic's Accomplice

Mary Miley

Mary Miley grew up in New York, Pennsylvania, Illinois, and Virginia, and worked her way through the College of William and Mary in Virginia as a costumed tour guide at Colonial Williamsburg.As Mary Miley Theobald, she has published numerous nonfiction books and articles on history, travel and business topics. As Mary Miley, she is the author of the award-winning Roaring Twenties mystery series. The Mystic’s Accomplice is the first in the brand-new 1920s Chicago-set Maddie Pastore mystery series.

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