Die Happy
by J.M. Gregson

A disagreement between genteel literary types descends into brutal murder in this gripping police procedural.

When the committee members of the Oldford Literary Festival all receive anonymous letters telling them to resign or die, it marks the start of an unusual case for Chief Superintendent Lambert and DS Hook. All of the members identify one man as being capable of such a thing: Peter Preston, a self-important snob who is in disagreement with the head of the festival over what he sees as the dumbing down of the events programme. But could such a disagreement lead to murder? It’s not long before Lambert and Hook have their answer


A good old-fashioned mystery with plenty of suspense, twists and turns and abundantly real characters. A worthy entry in an always interesting series


Gregson’s 14th Lambert and Hook adventure plows forward steadily, providing enjoyment for fans of the grill-’em-till-you-got-’em British procedural

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J.M. Gregson

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