Fakes and Lies
by Jane A. Adams

A daughter seeks Naomi Blake’s help in proving her artist father was murdered.

When artist and sometime forger Freddie Jones is found dead of an apparent heart attack, no one is surprised. Freddie drank heavily and was a lifelong smoker. The only dissenting voice comes from Freddie’s daughter, Bee. Before he died, her father confided that he was afraid of something – and she is convinced he was murdered.

Unable to interest the police, Bee takes her suspicions to her father’s old friend, Bob Taylor, who in turn seeks the advice of ex-police officer Naomi Blake. When a prominent gallery owner is murdered and a portfolio of Freddie’s drawings is stolen, it would appear to confirm Bee’s suspicions. What dangerous games had Freddie Jones been playing? And is Bee herself in danger?


A mixture of police procedural, psychological thriller, and cozy, this outing will please series fans

Publishers Weekly

Another fine entry in a special mystery series


Jane A. Adams

Jane A. Adams is a British writer of psychological thrillers. Her first book, The Greenway, was nominated for a CWA John Creasey Award in 1995 and an Author’s Club Best First Novel Award. Adams has a degree in Sociology, was once lead vocalist in a folk rock band, and is married with two children. She lives in Leicester. Her writings are comparable to the work of Lisa Appignanesi, Frances Fyfield and P D James.

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Fakes and Lies by Jane A. Adams is available in the following formats

Hardback978072788769631st January 2018144 X 223mm208£20.99
Hardback978072788769631st January 2018144 X 223mm208£20.99
Ebook97817801094661st May 2018N/A208$10.99
Ebook97817801094661st May 2018N/A208£8.99
Hardback - Large Print978072782943628th January 2020144 X 223mm288$36.95
Hardback - Large Print978072782943629th November 2019144 X 223mm288£22.99
Paperback97818475188421st June 2019138 X 215mm208$17.95
Paperback978184751884229th March 2019138 X 215mm208£12.99
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