Forgotten Murder
by Dolores Gordon Smith

Jack Haldean’s newly-wedded bliss is disrupted by a series of shocking revelations in this gripping historical mystery.

When an old schoolfriend of Jack’s wife Betty witnesses a disturbing vision in the garden of a smart suburban house, Jack is intrigued. Just what did Jenny Langton see beneath the cedar tree at Saunder’s Green that frightened her so much she fainted on the spot?

Jack’s subsequent enquiries stir up a hornet’s nest of repressed emotions and long-buried secrets. What exactly happened at Saunder’s Green almost twenty years before – and why will no one talk about it? As he unearths evidence of a possible murder, how is even a seasoned investigator like Jack supposed to solve a crime that took place two decades before with no tangible clues, no reliable witnesses – and at least one person who is determined to stop him discovering the truth … whatever it takes.


“A delightful period piece you won’t put down until the truth is revealed”

Kirkus Reviews

“Atmospheric and suspenseful … a good choice for historical-mystery readers”


Dolores Gordon Smith

Dolores Gordon-Smith lives in Greater Manchester and is married, with five daughters and assorted dogs and cats. She is the author of ten previous Jack Haldean mysteries.

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Forgotten Murder by Dolores Gordon Smith is available in the following formats

Hardback97807278884641st March 2019145 X 220mm240$28.99
Hardback978072788846430th November 2018145 X 220mm240£20.99
Ebook97814483018051st March 2019N/A240$10.99
Ebook97814483018051st March 2019N/A240£7.99
Hardback - Large Print978072782991731st December 2019145 X 223mm352$36.95
Hardback - Large Print978072782991731st October 2019145 X 223mm352£22.99
Paperback978184751970229th March 2021139 X 217mm240$17.95
Paperback978184751970229th January 2021139 X 217mm240£12.99
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