Hidden Graves
by Jack Fredrickson

It’s election season in corrupt Cook County, Illinois – where the dead vote on who lives and who dies.

A skeleton’s hand spills out of an abandoned grain silo, aiming an axe at a candidate. A heavily-disguised woman hires PI Dek Elstrom to head west to find men with no pasts – and one with no present. While he’s away, someone dead comes calling to frame him for murder.

A sheriff’s deputy wants Dek arrested. Someone else wants him dead. No one knows what the woman who hasn’t spoken in decades wants.

And Dek Elstrom? He wants to stay alive.


“This entry is sure to garner new fans for this delightfully eccentric detective series”

Publishers Weekly

Jack Fredrickson

Jack Fredrickson lives west of Chicago. He is the author of eight Dek Elstrom PI mysteries, the first of which, A Safe Place for Dying, was nominated for the Shamus Award for Best First Novel, and one standalone, Silence the Dead. He is also the author of The Black Cage in the Milo Rigg series.

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Hidden Graves by Jack Fredrickson is available in the following formats

Ebook97817801083461st February 2017N/A224$10.99
Ebook97817801083461st February 2017N/A224£8.99
Paperback97818475176781st March 2019138 X 216mm224$17.95
Paperback978184751767830th November 2017138 X 216mm224£12.99
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