Tagged for Murder
by Jack Fredrickson

When the man who’s hired Dek Elstrom disappears, the private investigator’s search for his missing client unearths some shocking findings.

The dead man is found spread-eagled on the top of a box car on an abandoned rail siding. He’s dressed in a $2000 suit, yet half his teeth are rotten and his skin is bad. Who was he … and how did he end up there?

When he’s offered an exorbitant fee to photograph the scene, PI Dek Elstrom doesn’t ask many questions. But his photos reveal something surprising: there’s a witness to the murder, a tagger who’s returned to the scene to paint what he saw. His work quickly disappears. What is it that the mysterious graffiti artist wants the world to know?

Then a second body shows up – and the case takes a shocking new twist …


This entry is sure to garner new fans for this delightfully eccentric detective series.

Publishers Weekly

There's a good story here, and perhaps readers as easy going as Dek won't mind the laid-back pace


Jack Fredrickson

Jack Fredrickson lives west of Chicago. He is the author of eight Dek Elstrom PI mysteries, the first of which, A Safe Place for Dying, was nominated for the Shamus Award for Best First Novel, and one standalone, Silence the Dead. He is also the author of The Black Cage in the Milo Rigg series.

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