Sammy Two Shoes
by Phillip DePoy

Amateur sleuth and Child Protective Officer Foggy Moscowitz is back in New York, but his visit leads to stunning revelations – and murder – when he runs into his old friend, Sammy Two Shoes.

1976. Foggy Moscowitz has decided to pay his hometown of New York a visit and soon bumps into his old friend, Sammy ‘Two Shoes’ Cohen. Sammy wants a favor – Emory Brewster, an actor in an all-female production of Hamlet, is sending threatening notes to Sammy’s girlfriend and the play’s stage manager, Phoebe Peabody, and Sammy asks Foggy to speak to her. But before he has a chance, Emory is brutally murdered backstage and Phoebe is arrested. The other actors all despised Emory, but as Foggy strives to prove Phoebe’s innocence, Sammy stuns him with an astonishing revelation. Is he telling the truth, or is there more to the story?

Foggy is reluctantly pulled back into New York’s criminal underworld as he uncovers more about Emory Brewster. Can he stay alive long enough to catch her killer?


“A fine entry in this consistently entertaining series”


“An amusing caper that takes the sting out of its brutality by emphasizing the hero’s good points”

Kirkus Reviews

“Entertaining ... Series fans will be intrigued by the setup for the next book”

Publishers Weekly

“Quirky and thoroughly entertaining”

Booklist on Sidewalk Saint

“Enjoyable … an effective blend of humor and an original plotline. Readers will hope to see a lot more of Foggy”

Publishers Weekly on Sidewalk Saint

“A brisk and wryly funny fourth caper”

Kirkus Reviews on Sidewalk Saint

“A fun, twisty book ... DePoy's characters, on both sides of the law, are far from ordinary, which is a large part of the appeal. They are quirky, interesting, capable and surprising”

L.J. Roberts, Books are Magic

“The third installment of DePoy’s franchise, which finds a compelling anchor in its sleuth, crackles with energy and a plot as twisty as a country road”

Kirkus Reviews on Icepick

Phillip DePoy

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