From Cozy to Bone-Chilling: 8 Brand-New Mysteries, Thrillers and Spine-Chillers

by Severn House on 3 October 2023

It’s one of our favourite months of the year – spooky season is upon us! It’s that special time of year where we celebrate the macabre, the scary, the mysterious, and the chilling.

We’ve got 8 new books hitting shelves today that’ll send a shiver down your spine – including dark deals with evil forces, deadly small-town secrets, murder at a book festival, mystery in the Pacific Northwest, Tudor treachery, and destructive lies.

But don’t worry if dark and moody isn’t your thing – we’ve also got some delightful cozies on offer from Simon Brett and Amy Patricia Meade.

All of these are available now! Find ’em online or request from your local bookstore or library.

Mrs Pargeter’s Patio
by Simon Brett
A Mrs Pargeter Mystery

When widow Mrs Pargeter decides to have her morning coffee on the patio of her mansion in Chigwell, her intention is to admire her beautiful garden in peace and quiet. Little does she expect one of the patio’s paving slabs to crack in two, depositing her on the ground – and revealing a human skull with a neat hole in the middle of its forehead!

Mrs Pargeter and her friends must find out the truth and soon, before the finger of suspicion points in an unthinkable direction: towards the late, great Mr Pargeter, whose business dealings Mrs P remains – naturally! – in blissful ignorance of…

“Pure fun”
Booklist Starred Review

Spirits of the Dead
by Keith Gilman

Death has followed successful restoration architect, unhappy husband and desperate father, Jonathan Levande, his whole life, but recently the curious incidents around him have surged. Killed deer, decapitated cheerleaders and a dead homeless man are only the beginning of this dark streak. Now it seems he’ll lose his daughter as well. Marie is fatally ill, and the doctors are stumped.

Waiting for death to knock on his door again, Jon buries himself in his work and has an affair to escape his depressive life. Until one day his job of restoring old buildings leads him to St Cecelia cathedral – a haunted, old church in Delaware – and its sinister Rector…and to a proposition he can’t refuse: a life for a life.

“Loved this book. So well written and compelling, definitely a recommended spooky read this month”
Reader Review

Guilt Strikes At Granger’s Store
by Terry Shames
A Samuel Craddock Mystery

Chief of Police Samuel Craddock is perplexed by increasingly troubling events at Granger’s Feed Store. The shop’s owner, Melvin Granger, recently had a stroke, and his son, Mark, has moved back to the small Texas town of Jarrett Creek to look after him and run the business. But it seems that some town folk are against Mark’s plans to renovate and modernize the popular animal feed store . . . Could a devastating fire be linked to an attack on Mark and the threatening phone calls he’s been receiving?

When the mummified body of a man originally from Jarrett Creek is found in the scorched shop, Craddock’s investigation takes a sudden deadly turn. Who is determined to stop the renovation at any cost, and why? As Craddock investigates, he unearths explosive secrets stretching back thirty years . . .

“The Samuel Craddock series may be the best regional crime series around today. This installment is no exception”
Library Journal Starred Review

Best Be prepared
by Gwen Florio
A Nora Best Mystery

Nora Best is enjoying the quiet life…finally. She’s parked up the Airstream on a quiet stretch of beach and is now a seventh-grade teacher in a small peninsula town in the Pacific Northwest. Her biggest worry is keeping up with her quick-witted bunch of students. No drama. No danger. And most importantly – no one turning up dead.

Until they do, that is…

“Florio never stretches credibility with Nora’s talents, making it a treat to sleuth alongside her.”
Publishers Weekly

The Deadliest Legacy
by Hilary Bonner
A David Vogel Mystery

When Delia Day, the world’s most successful living romantic novelist, accepts an invitation to be the headline author at a prestigious book festival, she expects a couple of days engaging with fans, attending panels and visiting the local sights.

She doesn’t expect what happens next: sudden, shocking death, right there on the festival’s main stage.

DCI David Vogel is called in to investigate, and it soon becomes clear that a lethal presence is lurking in the usually sleepy little village of Appledore. But surrounded by professional authors who spend their days spinning tales – and plotting impossible crimes – can he uncover the truth, or will the killer plant enough real-life red herrings to get away with murder?

“Fiendishly clever…Bonner’s latest will please readers who enjoys twisty, complex, keep-’em-guessing police procedurals”

Murdering The Messenger
by Michael Jecks
A bloody Mary tudor Mystery

March, 1557. Jack Blackjack is back in London and enjoying a sedentary life – after his treacherous voyage back to his beloved city the previous year, he desires nothing more than the simple pleasures – women, wine, beer and more women.

But his new parish of St Helen’s has different ideas for him…a week after first laying eyes on the tempting Miss Rachel Nailor, she turns up horribly dead on the church vestry floor…and someone is trying to frame him for her murder!

“Fans of the series will enjoy Blackjack’s familiar quick wit and appealing joie de vivre”

An Imperfect Truth
by Priscilla Masters
A Claire Roget Forensic Psychiatrist Mystery

Poppy Kelloway was a liar. Forensic psychiatric Claire Roget’s patient made up ‘facts’ that damaged families, destroyed relationships and even resulted in a suicide.

 Poppy left a trail of human misery in her wake, but when she’s found murdered in her home by her two teenage sons, the savage nature of the attack is shocking, as is the discovery of a torn appointment card for her next meeting with Claire. Could there be a connection between the murderer and Claire’s clinic, and is she in danger? Claire and Detective Sergeant Zed Willard must navigate dangerous minds and a terrible betrayal in their quest to uncover the chilling truth.

“Mystery fans will appreciate this exciting story”

Cold Turkey
by Amy Patricia Meade
A Tish Tarragon Mystery

Literary caterer Tish Tarragon is looking forward to opening her new Cookin’ the Books café the day after Thanksgiving, but before then she has the small matter of catering for the Thirty-First Annual Colonial Springs Turkey Trot, a highlight in the Hobson Glen community calendar.

With her food stall ready to go, Tish, the spectators and participating ‘trotters’ are eagerly awaiting the starter’s pistol when they are confronted with the sound of rifle shots from the woods. Deputy Mayor Behrens is dead. But was he really the intended target, or was it Tish’s ex, Mayor Schuyler Thompson? As Tish investigates with her beau, Sheriff Clemson Reade, it seems there are no shortage of residents with an axe to grind against the town council and their controversial policies. Can Tish finish first in her race against the killer?

“Memorable characters, gentle humor, clever plot, and intriguing relationships. . .make this a story fans of cozy mysteries will enjoy”

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