A Traitor’s Tears
by Fiona Buckley

When Ursula Blanchard’s neighbour is murdered, she is once again involved with matters of espionage and affairs of state

July, 1573. Recently widowed, Ursula Blanchard is living a quiet life on her Surrey estate, caring for her infant son. But her peaceful existence is shattered when Ursula’s neighbour Jane Cobbold is found dead in her own flowerbed, stabbed through the heart with a silver dagger – and Ursula’s manservant Brockley is arrested for the crime. Determined to prove Brockley’s innocence, Ursula seeks help from her old mentor Lord Burghley. But when a second death occurs and the queen’s new spymaster, Francis Walsingham, gets involved, once again Ursula is reluctantly drawn into matters of espionage and affairs of state.


The bitter rivalry between Queen Elizabeth and Mary, Queen of Scots, serves as the gripping backdrop for a historical whodunit steeped in Elizabethan drama and intrigue


Buckley’s engaging 12th Tudor whodunit

Publishers Weekly

Historically rich as ever

Kirkus Reviews

A real gem of a historical series liberally doused with intrigue and adventure.

Library Journal

Fiona Buckley

Fiona Buckley is the author of eighteen previous Ursula Blanchard mysteries, and a historical saga, Late Harvest. Under her real name, Valerie Anand, she is the author of numerous historical novels, including the much-loved Bridges Over Time series. Brought up in London, she now lives in Surrey.

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