In Search of Murder
by Roderic Jeffries

Inspector Alvarez is rudely awakened from his afternoon siesta by a phone call reporting the death of one Senor Picare.

On arrival at the Picare villa, it seems his grieving widow is passed out in bed and the housekeeper, Rosalía, is the one dealing with the police and comforting the young maid, Marta, who is devastated by the death of her employer.

It soon becomes clear that Senor Picare may have promised Marta – and other young women – more than he should have done and there could be a fair number of disgruntled husbands or fathers around who had a reason to want him gone.

Alvarez’s investigation, as always, is full of the vivid colour of Mallorcan life and passion, and despite Superior Chief Salas’ instructions, he doggedly follows his own – often unconventional – path until he finds out the truth . . .


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Roderic Jeffries

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