Mr Campion’s War
by Mike Ripley

“Pop has never talked about what he did in the war … Whatever he did, it was pretty secret stuff”: the intriguing new Albert Campion mystery.

Campions young and old, extended family members and loyal friends are gathered at the Dorchester Hotel to celebrate Albert Campion’s seventieth birthday – along with some intriguing, unrecognizable guests. Who exactly are the mysterious, aristocratic, scar-faced German, Freiherr Robert von Ringer, and the elegantly chic Madame Thibus – and what is their connection to Mr Campion?

Campion has decided the time has come to enthral his guests with his account of his wartime experiences in Vichy France more than twenty-five years before, but in doing so he unveils a series of extraordinary events. Why here, and why now? Not least as Campion’s shocking revelations have repercussions which reverberate to the present day, putting one of his guests in deadly danger . . .


“wonderfully genteel, appealingly old-fashioned, gently humorous, always entertaining, and eminently readable”

Booklist Starred Review

“Ripley has never been better at demonstrating his ability to plausibly extrapolate from Margery Allingham’s Campion novels than in his fourth outing for her gentleman sleuth”

Publishers Weekly Starred Review

“It has that perfect cocktail hour mix of mystery, derring-do, cutting wit and stiff-upper lip English reserve that honours Allingham’s creation while leaving Ripley’s own indelible imprint on the series”

Venetian Vase

Mike Ripley

Mike Ripley is the author of the award-winning ‘Angel’ series of comedy thrillers which have twice won the CWA Last Laugh Award. Described as ‘England’s funniest crime writer’ (The Times), he is also a respected critic of crime fiction, writing for the Guardian, Daily Telegraph, The Times and Shots Magazine.Ripley first learned of the final unfinished Campion novel when he was a guest speaker at the Margery Allingham Society’s annual convention. He offered – and received the Margery Allingham Society’s blessing – to complete the manuscript on the adventures of Albert Campion, who Ripley describes as ‘one of the brightest stars in the rich firmament of British crime writing’.

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