Murder by Suggestion
by Veronica Heley

Ellie Quicke is shocked when her daughter, Diana, turns up at her door with a suitcase in tow. Bunny Brewster has died of an overdose, and Diana’s husband, Evan, is convinced that she is responsible for his friend’s death. Diana and other wives of Evan’s friends recently joked about killing their husbands. But is Diana guilty of murder?


Murder by Suggestion by Veronica Heley is available in the following formats

Hardback97807278880511st October 2018145 X 223mm224$28.99
Hardback978072788805129th June 2018145 X 223mm224£21.99
Ebook97817801098791st October 2018N/A224$14.99
Ebook97817801098791st October 2018N/A224£4.99
Hardback - Large Print978072789241631st March 2020145 X 222mm320$36.95
Hardback - Large Print978072789241631st January 2020145 X 222mm320£23.99
Paperback97818475193207th April 2020138 X 216mm224$17.95
Paperback978184751932031st January 2020138 X 216mm224£13.99
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Veronica Heley

Veronica Heley is the author of the ever-popular Ellie Quicke mysteries, as well as the Abbot Agency series. Veronica is actively involved in her local church and community affairs. She lives in Ealing, West London.

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