The Last King of Brighton
by Peter Guttridge

A man impaled on the South Downs. Another skinned alive. A skeleton found beneath the West Pier, its feet encased in concrete. Brighton has been invaded. But this is no mere power struggle between rival mobsters; the motives for the killings stretch back through the decades, to an explosive forty-year-old secret Brighton’s crime king John Hathaway would rather forget. But someone else remembers – and that someone has decided that revenge is a dish best served cold . . .


"Intertwined crimes dating back to the 1930s and years of police corruption are explored in this darkly fascinating noir procedural, which once again leaves much to be revealed next time"

Kirkus Reviews

"There's plenty to enjoy in Guttridge's latest procedural starring Chief Constable Robert Watts of the Brighton police. Good words, well used"


Peter Guttridge

Award-winning comic crime author Peter Guttridge turned from the Daft Side to the Dark Side for his Brighton mystery series, which started with City of Dreadful Night and continued most recently with The Lady of the Lake. He was also the Observer’s crime fiction critic for twelve years, and so has read far more crime fiction than is good for

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Ebook97817801001731st October 2011N/A272$6.99
Ebook97817801001731st October 2011N/A272£4.99
Ebook97817801001731st October 2011N/A272$6.99
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Paperback978184751335931st December 2011137 X 215mm272£12.99
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