6 New Mystery Books for Crime Fiction Lovers

by Severn House on 7 February 2023

We’re delighted to be publishing brand new books by six brilliant mystery authors today!

Get ready to dive into the brand-new Detective Inspector Slider mystery from acclaimed author Cynthia Harrod-Eagles.

Peter Colt takes us on a white-knuckle ride (with plenty of character nuance) in his latest Andy Roark mystery.

Master of all things gothic, Sarah Rayne, debuts her new Theater of Thieves mystery series set in early 20th century London.

Agatha Award-winning author G.M. Malliet returns with the second book starring crime writer-turned-amateur sleuth Augusta Hawke.

A.J. Cross delivers a meticulously detailed forensic mystery in her latest Will Traynor novel.

And Betty Hechtman brings us a classic whodunnit in her latest fourth-wall breaking Writer for Hire mystery.

Before I Sleep
by Cynthia Harrod-Eagles
A Detective Inspector Slider Mystery #24

The clock is ticking for DCI Slider when a woman goes missing. Can he find her – and does she even want to be found?

Another delightful mystery for fans of unconventional police teams, witty dialogue, and excellent procedurals”
Library Journal

A gripping plot, Harrod-Eagles’ trademark wry humor, and an authentic look at today’s police make this a fine read for procedural fans

Harrod-Eagles reliably entertains
Publishers Weekly

A model British procedural
Kirkus Reviews

The Ambassador
by Peter Colt
An Andy Roark Mystery #4

A retired ambassador’s life is in Andy Roark’s hands in this explosive, fast-paced mystery featuring the Vietnam veteran turned private investigator.

Page-turning . . . the balance of plot and character is perfect
Publishers Weekly STARRED REVIEW

A gritty whodunit that packs an unexpected punch
Kirkus Reviews

Chalice of Darkness
by Sarah Rayne
A Theater of Thieves Mystery #1

London, 1908. Family of thieving thespians, the Fitzglens, are attempting to steal the legendary Talisman Chalice. But dark rumours surround the artefact – that it can drag you into a darkness from which you’ll never emerge . . .

“Superb  . . . Lovers of British historical mysteries with a dash of romance and gothic atmosphere will clamor for more”
Publishers Weekly STARRED REVIEW

“In this taut, Gothic-style mystery, Rayne offers a gripping plot with plenty of suspense and period ambience”

“Frightful fun with haunted history and a blustery thespian”
Kirkus Reviews

“A dark drama of violence and murder”
Library Journal

Invitation to a Killer
by G.M. Malliet
An Augusta Hawke Mystery #2

Crime writer turned sleuth, Augusta Hawke finds herself drawn into her second mystery when a celebrity doctor is found dead at a party she is attending.

Entertaining . . . Fans of witty female amateur sleuths should pick this up
Publishers Weekly

“An enjoyable mystery . . . Amateur sleuth Hawke is engaging and humorous”

“[Augusta] comes into her own as an investigator”
Library Journal

Reflections of Deviance
by A.J. Cross
A Will Traynor Forensic Mystery #4

Rich. Successful. Dead . . . The mysterious death of Marion Cane leads criminologist Will Traynor into a deeply challenging and disturbing new case.

A suspense-filled police procedural with engaging but flawed lead characters and well-researched insights into modern policing

“Cross builds tension while keeping a diverse cast of characters sharp and sympathetic”
Kirkus Reviews

Sentenced to Death
by Betty Hechtman
A Writer for Hire Mystery #4

Who killed Landon Donte? The rival romance writer? The beleaguered assistant? Could it even have been his own daughter? Or is there something else afoot…?

A well-written mystery with plenty of charismatic, guilty-looking characters
Kirkus Reviews

“This cozy is good fun”
Publishers Weekly

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