Legacy of Death
by Judith Cutler

When the family butler is brutally attacked, land agent Matthew Rowsley and his wife Harriet determine to find the culprit in this gripping Victorian mystery.

With his lordship’s mental health failing, management of his grand country estate has been assigned to a group of trustees, including land agent Matthew Rowsley and his capable wife Harriet. But the smooth running of Thorncroft House is disrupted by a series of unforeseen events. Building work on the estate workers’ new cottages is halted by the discovery of Roman remains. Shortly afterwards, the family butler is brutally assaulted and left for dead. A random attack – or was he deliberately targeted?

Matters take an even more disturbing turn when Lord Croft’s long-lost cousin and heir, Julius Trescothick, arrives from Australia, ready to claim his inheritance. But is he who he claims to be … and what are his true intentions?

If they are to preserve Thorncroft House and a way of life that has continued for centuries, Matthew and Harriet must uncover the truth behind Trescothick’s identity and solve a series of interlocking mysteries.


An old-fashioned account of estate life in Victorian England … for those interested in the living conditions in late-1800s England

Library Journal

A captivating series launch ... Readers will look forward to seeing more of this enterprising duo

Publishers Weekly on The Wages of Sin

A promising series debut with engaging characters, social commentary, and a Victorian twist on the ever popular upstairs-downstairs storyline

Kirkus Reviews on The Wages of Sin

Enjoyable ... The surprising conclusion definitely satisfies

Publishers Weekly on Green and Pleasant Land

Sparkling ... A tight plot complements the diverse and entertaining cast of characters

Publishers Weekly on Death in Elysium

Judith Cutler

A former secretary of the Crime Writers’ Association, Judith Cutler has taught Creative Writing at universities and colleges for over thirty years and has run occasional courses elsewhere (from a maximum-security prison to an idyllic Greek island). She is the author of more than forty novels.

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