Music Macabre
by Sarah Rayne

Researching a biography of the composer Franz Liszt, Phineas Fox uncovers evidence of a brutal murder – and finds his own life in danger.

Music researcher Phineas Fox has been enjoying his latest commission, gathering background material for a biography of Franz Liszt. But although he has – as anticipated – uncovered plenty of scandal in the 19th century composer’s past, matters take a decidedly unexpected turn when his investigations lead to Linklighters, a newly-opened Soho restaurant built on the site of an old Victorian music hall, and unearth evidence of a possible murder involving the notorious music hall performer known as Scaramel.

Just what was Liszt’s connection to Scaramel … and, through her, to the infamous Victorian serial killer Jack the Ripper? As he delves further, Phin’s enquiries uncover clues to a fascinating and extraordinary story – and plunge his own life into jeopardy.


Research leading to mystery is the hook of this delightful series. Rayne is a fine writer, a sure-handed plotter and skillful character builder … Fox is perhaps her most intriguing creation. He’s a nifty guy to spend time with, and the elaborate mysteries he gets involved in are always captivating


Enjoyable … Rayne provides vivid descriptions of Victorian London along with fascinating details of the life of Franz Liszt and insights into the cultural significance of music hall songs. Those who like their mysteries erudite will be well satisfied

Publishers Weekly

Colorful characters and a mastery of slow-burning suspense make this case an engaging page-turner

Kirkus Reviews

The mix of music and history provides a refreshing backdrop to Fox's amateur sleuthing. This series started strong and keeps getting stronger

Booklist on Song of the Damned

“Entertaining ... Fans of erudite mysteries with a musical slant are in for a treat”

Publishers Weekly on Song of the Damned

Colorful characters and an inexorable threat of violence under the surface

Kirkus Reviews on Song of the Damned

The writing is crisp and compelling, and the mystery is cleverly constructed ... A crime novel that requires close attention, and readers who enjoy sniffing out clues and trying to solve the mystery before the solution is revealed will have a fine time

Booklist on Chord of Evil

A murky, multi-layered picture that masterfully draws out the suspense by progressively revealing the underlying truths

Kirkus Reviews on Chord of Evil

Sarah Rayne

Sarah Rayne is the author of many novels of psychological and supernatural suspense, including the Nell West & Michael Flint series, the Phineas Fox mysteries and the Theatre of Thieves mysteries. She lives in Staffordshire.

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