Song of the Damned
by Sarah Rayne

A macabre liturgy. A mysterious carving. An intriguing 200-year-old mystery for music researcher Phineas Fox to solve.

The headmistress of Cresacre Abbey School has asked Phineas Fox to establish whether an opera, to be performed as part of the school’s bicentenary celebrations, plagiarises an earlier work. During the course of his investigations, Phin discovers that curious legends about the school’s past still linger, including the fate of a group of nuns who disappeared without trace more than 200 years before. What exactly happened to them? And who is the mysterious Ginevra, the shadowy figure whose true identity has never been known …?

As he delves further, Phin begins to unravel a series of interlocking secrets, each one more puzzling – and sinister – than the last.


Dark and atmospheric in this intriguing story there is mystery upon mystery. Although a sinister spine-chilling tale of medieval rituals, there are some wonderful light-hearted touches, and some marvellously well-developed characters. I loved it. And it is of course highly recommended.

Mystery People

Fans of erudite mysteries with a musical slant are in for a treat.

Publishers Weekly

The mix of music and history provides a refreshing backdrop to Fox’s amateur sleuthing. This series started strong and keeps getting stronger.


Sarah Rayne

Sarah Rayne is the author of many novels of psychological and supernatural suspense, including the Nell West & Michael Flint series, the Phineas Fox mysteries and the Theatre of Thieves mysteries. She lives in Staffordshire.

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