The Devil’s Harmony
by Sarah Rayne

The discovery of an old scrapbook in a Warsaw library leads researcher Phineas Fox to uncover evidence of a devastating wartime atrocity.

“We had no choice. But it was a bad way for them to die.”

When music researcher Phineas Fox is asked to verify the contents of an old scrapbook, rescued from the site of the historic Chopin Library in Warsaw, he is initially sceptical. But he soon discovers an intriguing link between the Library and an infamous piece of music known as the Dark Cadence.

Legend has it that the Dark Cadence was only performed at a traitor’s execution – and it has never been written down. It is believed to have last been played on the night the Chopin Library was destroyed during the Nazi occupation of World War II. What really happened that terrible night in October, 1944? What is the connection with an equally dreadful night in Russia in 1918, the night the Tsar and his family were executed? And what are the repercussions for the present . . .?


The Fox novels are a joy to read. They’re beautifully written, with a strong protagonist and very cleverly constructed stories. Each of the Fox novels has been better than the last – with more-complex stories that ratchet up the suspense to a new level, a trend that continues here. Fans of Phineas Fox will be lining up for this one

Booklist Starred Review

Rayne writes with panache and imagination … A chocolate box of classical music, banter, historic tidbits, and spooky stories

Kirkus Reviews

An intricate tale of music, love, betrayal, and self-sacrifice … Fans of intelligent historical mysteries will be rewarded

Publishers Weekly

Rayne is a fine writer, a sure-handed plotter and skillful character builder . . . Fox is perhaps her most intriguing creation

Booklist on Music Macabre

Colorful characters and a mastery of slow-burning suspense make this case an engaging page-turner

Kirkus Reviews on Music Macabre

Rayne provides vivid descriptions of Victorian London . . . Those who like their mysteries erudite will be well satisfied

Publishers Weekly on Music Macabre

The mix of music and history provides a refreshing backdrop to Fox's amateur sleuthing. This series started strong and keeps getting stronger

Booklist on Song of the Damned

The writing is crisp and compelling, and the mystery is cleverly constructed

Booklist on Chord of Evil

A murky, multi-layered picture that masterfully draws out the suspense by progressively revealing the underlying truths

Kirkus Reviews on Chord of Evil

Sarah Rayne

Sarah Rayne is the author of many novels of psychological and supernatural suspense, including the Nell West & Michael Flint series, the Phineas Fox mysteries and the Theatre of Thieves mysteries. She lives in Staffordshire.

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