Secret World
by M.J. Trow

June, 1589. Now a feted poet and playwright, Kit Marlowe is visiting his family in Canterbury. But it’s not the happy homecoming he had hoped for. A long-standing family friend has been found dead in her bed, killed by several blows to the head. Convinced that the wrong person has been found guilty of the crime, Marlowe determines to uncover the truth.

What did the dead woman mean when she spoke of ‘owning the whole world’? If Marlowe could discover what she had in her possession, he would be one step closer to catching her killer. And why is the Queen’s spymaster, Sir Francis Walsingham, taking such an interest in the investigation?


Trow once again delivers an engaging tale filled with a tangible sense of the history, and good-hearted hero. A top-notch read

Booklist Starred Review

Trow makes the political intrigue of the time palpable

Publishers Weekly

M.J. Trow

M.J. Trow is a military historian by training and the author of the longrunning Inspector Lestrade and ‘Mad Max’ Maxwell detective series, as well as the Kit Marlowe Tudor mysteries, the Grand & Batchelor Victorian mysteries and the Margaret Murray series. He lives in the Isle of Wight.

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