The Reckoning
by M.J. Trow

The inaugural performance of Christopher Marlowe’s controversial new play is marred by sudden, violent death in this lively 16th century mystery.

December, 1592. England is entering dangerous waters as thoughts turn to the question of the ageing Queen Elizabeth’s successor. Christopher Marlowe meanwhile is leading a troupe of the Lord Chamberlain’s Men on tour with a controversial new play.

Marlowe expects his latest play, Edward II, to ruffle feathers. What he doesn’t expect is it to lead to is sudden, violent death. The morning the tour is due to begin, the newest member of the cast is found stabbed to death in the local brothel. And when a second murder, and then a third, disrupt rehearsals for the inaugural performance in the Great Hall at Scudbury Manor, it becomes clear that someone is determined to prevent this play from being performed – at any cost. But who … and why?


Trow goes out on a high note with his sterling 11th and final mystery starring English playwright Kit Marlowe … Trow reinforces his place at the top of the Elizabethan mystery subgenre

Publishers Weekly Starred Review

Vividly evokes the Tudor era … Subtle humor, colorful characters, and a shock ending are all on display in abundance


Readers will find themselves intrigued by Trow's fine tale, which is full of ribald humor, high-spirited adventure, intriguing twists, and realistic period ambience

Booklist on Black Death

Atmospheric ... This is a strong entry in a series that's gotten better with each book

Publishers Weekly on Black Death

Twisty, unpredictable, and ultimately satisfying

Kirkus Reviews on Black Death

A rich and imaginative storyline, leavened with humor ... at the forefront of Tudor historicals

Publishers Weekly Starred Review of Queen's Progress

Realistic period details, a lively and often humorous plot, and a dashing and likable hero ... Another engaging entry in this fine historical mystery series

Booklist on Queen's Progress

Fascinating period authenticity, a crackling plot, strong characters, and plenty of twists. Must reading for devotees of Elizabethan crime

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M.J. Trow

M.J. Trow is a military historian by training and the author of the longrunning Inspector Lestrade and ‘Mad Max’ Maxwell detective series, as well as the Kit Marlowe Tudor mysteries, the Grand & Batchelor Victorian mysteries and the Margaret Murray series. He lives in the Isle of Wight.

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