Traitor’s Storm
by M.J. Trow

Christopher Marlowe faces the might of the Spanish Armada in the sixth of this intriguing historical mystery series

May, 1588. With Elizabeth I’s court rocked by stories of an imminent invasion and one of his key undercover agents missing, Sir Francis Walsingham despatches Kit Marlowe to the Isle of Wight off the south coast: the first line of defence against the approaching Spanish Armada.

Lodging at Carisbrooke Castle with the Isle of Wight’s Governor, Sir George Carey, Marlowe finds the Islanders a strange and suspicious lot, with their own peculiar customs and dialect. But is there reason to doubt their loyalty to the Crown? And is the Island really haunted, as some believe? Of one thing Marlowe is certain: it’s no ghost behind the series of violent and inexplicable deaths which plague the region. But will he have time to uncover the truth and expose the killer before the might of the Armada descends?


“Trow successfully combines adventure, wit, and history (and, yes, a mystery) in this winning historical series featuring the real-life playwright in his undercover role as an intelligencer for Queen Elizabeth I. The dashing spy makes it all look so easy. This entry (number six after Crimson Rose) is particularly engaging and would be no problem for readers new to the series.”

Library Journal

“Trow’s ability to evoke the sights, sounds, and smells of Elizabethan England, combined with captivating characters and a compellingly twisted plot, makes for yet another winning entry in this delightfully entertaining series.”


M.J. Trow

M.J. Trow is a military historian by training and the author of the longrunning Inspector Lestrade and ‘Mad Max’ Maxwell detective series, as well as the Kit Marlowe Tudor mysteries, the Grand & Batchelor Victorian mysteries and the Margaret Murray series. He lives in the Isle of Wight.

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