Sleuthing Artists and Alien Ghosts: 6 Brand New Books from Severn House

by Severn House on 4 April 2023

April is here, but we’re no fools: we’ve got a heaping helping of the best genre fiction hitting shelves today!

This month’s crop of new books includes historical mysteries (The Rewards of Treachery), sleuthing painters (Portrait of a Murder), spine-chilling domestic suspense (After He’s Gone), cursed crypts (The Dead of Night), culinary cozy fun (Eat, Drink and Drop Dead) and alien ghosts (Not of this World).

All of these are available now. Find them online, or request them from your friendly local librarian or bookseller.

The Rewards of Treachery
by Rosemary Rowe
A Libertus Mystery of Roman Britain

A stolen valuable is just the beginning of a trail of strange events Junio has to uncover in this skilfully plotted historical mystery set in 2nd century Britain.

“Brilliant . . . A mastery of period detail matches the engrossing plot”
Publishers Weekly Starred Review

“A gripping plot to make this a fine choice for historical mystery fans”

“Ancient rituals, Roman politics, and brutal murders combine in a fascinating mystery”
Kirkus Reviews

Portrait of a Murder
by Michael Jecks
The Art of Murder: Book One

Struggling artist Nick Morris gets more than he bargained for when he finds his latest client – an unsavoury hotelier with connections to the Russian mob – dead. Before he knows it, Nick is up to his neck in a world of shady business dealings and gangsters. If only he had stuck to painting cats . . .

“The light tone is perfectly matched to the gripping plot”
Publishers Weekly

“Plenty of action and all-too-plausible suspects hidden in a thicket of duplicity”
Kirkus Reviews

After He’s Gone
by Katherine Bolger-Hyde

I know my husband is dead. I just don’t know whether I killed him . . .

I’m standing in our pristine living room, looking at Charles lying in a pool of blood. I don’t remember how I got here. The police are bound to think I killed him. But I didn’t . . . did I?

“Emotionally satisfying”
Kirkus Reviews

The Dead of Night
by Elaine Viets
An Angela Richman, Death Investigator Mystery

When death investigator Angela Richman finds two dead bodies in a cursed crypt on Halloween, she is drawn into a spine-tingling mystery. Has a Chouteau Forest legend turned deadly, or is a dangerous killer on the loose?

“Enjoyable . . . Cozy fans will find plenty to like”
Publishers Weekly

“[For] fans of feisty female sleuths”
Kirkus Reviews

Eat, Drink and Drop Dead
by T.C. LoTempio
A Tiffany Austin, Food Blogger Mystery

A former chef gets mixed up in murder when she moves back to her Southern home town in the first Tiffany Austin food blogger mystery – a culinary cozy that will make your brain work and your stomach rumble!

“I was hooked from start to finish!”
Laura Childs, New York Times bestselling author

“Captivating characters and plenty of intrigue . . . Delightful”
Publishers Weekly

“This light-hearted series debut has oodles of charm, mouth-watering descriptions of southern cuisine, and a sassy, savvy heroine”

Not of this World
by Simon R. Green
A Gideon Sable Novel

This might be his biggest coup yet! Legendary master thief Gideon Sable is on the hunt for the ghost of an alien-possessed man in this fast-paced supernatural heist thriller.

“A blast for urban-fantasy readers looking for a broken fourth wall riddled with dry-witted commentary, evil getting its just deserts, and the good walking away to fight the good fight”
Library Journal

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