Ashes to Ashes
by Margaret Duffy

Patrick Gillard’s father seeks his help when disturbing claims are made about a recent cremation.

Currently on leave, Patrick Gillard is considering whether to carry on his hazardous job as ‘adviser’ to the National Crime Agency when his father, the local rector, asks for his help. A local woman, Mrs Anne Peters, has paid him a visit, convinced that the wrong body was cremated at her late husband’s recent funeral.

Patrick promises to investigate with the help of his wife and partner in crime, Ingrid. But when Mrs Peters’ home is suddenly destroyed in a massive explosion, events take an even more bizarre and sinister turn. Is she part of a criminal conspiracy? Could there be a connection between this and the death of the funeral director who organised her late husband’s cremation? Patrick and Ingrid are about to uncover some disturbing facts in their search for the truth.


“A good mystery is a good mystery, and this is one”

Publishers Weekly

“A great read-alike for those who enjoy other hard-boiled husband-and-wife teams, like Dennis Lehane’s Patrick Kenzie and Angie Gennaro”


Margaret Duffy

Margaret Duffy is the author of numerous bestselling books and has also worked for both the Inland Revenue and the Ministry of Defence. She now divides her time between writing and gardening.

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